Artsy Parent Contest. Enter to win a copy of my new book “The Healing Dance”

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Who is the contest for?
Calling all “artsy parents”.
I define an “artsy parent” as anyone who values creativity in their parenting choices.

How do I enter?
Send a short description or example of how you are an artsy parent. You are welcome to send as many as you like. Each separate description is considered to be one entry. You can send your entry to me via email or through the comments to this post or through my Facebook account. Posts about adult kids as well the little ones, are welcome. Please start all posts with “I know I am an artsy parent when…”

Here are some examples:
“I know I am an artsy parent when…”

– I bump into my three year old accidently while he is building Lego and he says “Mama you ruined My Vision”.

– I don’t have any branded toys in the house for fear they will interfere with my children’s creativity.

– I dig up a patch of my garden so my three year old can have his own mud pit because I read that mud is the #1 top creativity-promoting toy.

– My adult daughter rebels against her unconventional “artsy” upbringing by becoming a high stakes banker.

– My child shows up for a family wedding wearing a tie-die shirt, different colour socks, pajama bottoms and a bumble bee hat because I let her choose her own outfit.

What will you do with the entries?
All entries be put in a “hat” and I will pull the winner out of the hat.
I will also be writing a fun blog about artsy parents in the new year. If you enter your post might be included in the article.

What will the winner receive?
The winner will receive a copy of my new book The Healing Dance. See book info at

When does the contest close?
The contest closes on July 01, 2014 after which time the winner will be chosen

Wyatt with brush pointing my pic cropped out


  1. RoofTop Creations

    okay, here’s two….
    -when the neighborhood kid’s came knocking at my door to invite my kids to play, my kids were sometimes too busy dipping candles or felting soap to go out right then. (But they’d invite the neighborhood kids in, of course….and then they’d go out to play AFTER the projects were done….Don’t worry; they played outside ALOT!)

    -When my college son (who played three varsity sports every year in high school), called to tell me that he was going to take a break from competitive sports to try something new and that he had joined a swing-dance troup, I had never felt prouder.

  2. RoofTop Creations

    I just had another moment… 13 year old has no door to his room right now, because it is being stripped and painted. He just asked if he can “Jackson Pollock the door.” Of course, I said yes, but outside.

  3. RoofTop Creations

    Reblogged this on RoofTop Creations and commented:
    I am sharing a blog post made by a fellow blogger, who is giving a call out to artsy parents to share their experiences. I know lots of you have tried hard to encourage creativity and artistic endeavors in your own children or in your nieces, nephews, and other family youngsters. If you want to comment on her blog and let her know about your experiences, make sure you click on her blog and post your comment there, and not here on mine (although I too love comments!).

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